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Welcome to EDS International Driving School!


We are all excited to welcome you and assist you with your "journey" acquiring Japan driver's license.



Important:  Please expect to receive the book titled "The Master of your Driving" that has been sent to your home address, 2~3 days after receiving this Welcome Email



Below is the information we would like to share with you to start your journey.


  • Click the following link and let us know if you can't access any of these (Please ensure you login to the site using your email address registered with us)

    • Welcome Kit Document Page - this is the Primer. All the information you need to quickly acquire your driver's license are written here. Ensure to read and browse it from time to time.

    • Theory Resources Page, especially the "On-Demand Video Learning". Your starting point to learn and understand the Japan Rules of the Road.

    • Written Exam Tips - beware of confusing questions. Master these tips!

    • Practical Exam Tips - when you are ready to take the practical examination, this page comes in handy!

    • Should you have issue accessing any of the sites, please contact us via Line Official account.


  • STEP 1: Prepare for the Written Exam (Stage 1 or Stage 2)

    • Access the "Theory Resources" page and select the appropriate On-Demand Video Learning to start learning and understand the Japan Rules of the Road, anytime and anywhere from your own place of comfort.

    • The book that we sent you via postal, titled "The Master of Your Driving" will be your main reference to cross check the topic and lesson from the "On-Demand Video Learning.

    • Once you completed the the video learning, start doing the available mock-exam based on the stage of your written exam. For example. LP for learners's permit (stage 1), or DL for driver's license (stage 2).

    • You can always consult us via our Line Official account for any advise or confusing question/s. We will do our best to accommodate and assist you finding the answer and explanation. However, please ensure to check the book by cross referencing the question based on topic.


  • STEP 2: Take the Written Examination (Stage 1 or Stage 2)

    • Prepare the required documents to apply for written examination. Please check this link - Requirements.

    • Visit the Driver's License Center of your Residence - Please refer here for the list and the business operating hours.

    • Some Driver's License Centers require reservation prior to application of written exam, e.g. Samezu and Fuchu. Make the reservation first before you visit the center for application.

    • Ensure to be there during the specified application timeframe window or earlier. If you arrived late, application will be refused that day.

    • Most of the center do not have an English speaking staff, however, you can ask any police staffs or officers present that day for a help. For example, filling up the application form.

    • Tell the application window that you want to take the written examination in "English" language.

    • If you have completed the application form, did the payment and submit it on time, you will be asked and directed to the examination room to take the written exam.

    • Let us know the result of your examination, whether you failed or passed.

    • If you failed the examination, you can come back any day during the business operating hours without reservation to retake it. Follow and repeat the same process written here (expect for slight process changes).

    • If you passed, proceed to the next step.


  • STEP 3: Reserve and Schedule the Practical Examination

    • Wait to be called out to attend the briefing. This may take an hour or more.

    • Find the next available schedule of the practical examination that will suit your time and day. Please ensure to consider enough time for your practice driving. Let say, you need 2-3 weeks time period for practice driving (only weekend), book the examination accordingly, in this case the 3rd or 4th week would be the best timing to schedule the practical examination.

    • NOTE:Some driver's license center has the exam structure of 1-day examination (ippatsu shiken). This means, once you passed the written exam, on the same day, you may opt-in or opt-out to take the practical examination. Please plan for this in advance, if you want to take the practical exam on the same day you passed the written, contact us so we can schedule your practice driving. In this case, proceed to STEP 4 below. Contact us if you would like to know if the driver's license center at your prefecture does this kind of structure. For nearby KANTO AREA, "Saitama" and "Ibaraki" are doing this.

    • Contact us via our Line Official account to notify us of the date of your practical examination and your availability for practice driving.

    • EDS International Driving School will try to match your availability (day of the week), and will create the schedule.

    • A booking notification via E-mail will be sent to you for the schedule confirmation. Please check your "Inbox" or "SPAM" folder. Also, you will receive a remainder email 24 hours before your schedule.


  • STEP 4: Start your Practice Driving Lesson

    • Show up on the day of your practice drive and bring the necessary documents (if applicable) such as documents you received from the driver's license center, learner's permit, on-road practice log-sheet, etc.

    • This will be the start of your 1st stage journey's 2nd step and will repeat if you move to the 2nd stage (Written examination (100 items) then Practical examination this time will be on-road)




"Plan to take the 1st written exam within the next 2 weeks to a month frame after you received your book. This ensures you are optimizing your time acquiring your Japan driver's license and avoid the expiration of your course plan. "

This is all for now. As you move forward with your journey, we will be in contact with you to ensure you are in the right path and doing the right things.


Good luck and we are looking forward to see you in person very soon!

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