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Foreign License Conversion
Car Keys

Do you have a driver's license from your home country and would like to convert it into a Japan driver's license?


You may be confident in passing the written exam but you may need more preparation and training to pass the practical exam.


We offer a minimum of two (2) lessons to enhance your driving skills and prepare you with your practical exam by practice driving at our indoor course.


Be reminded that not all foreign licenses can be converted directly into Japanese license. Give us a call for more information. 


Or read this - How to Convert Foreign License?

Training coverage

✓ Safety check and confirmation.
✓ Getting on and off the car.
✓ Left turn and Right turn execution.
✓ Passing a narrow road (S-Curve and Crank).
✓ Speed control and acceleration.
✓ Passing the Intersection (Controlled and Uncontrolled).
✓ Signal (indicator) timing.
✓ Starting, stopping and parking the car.
✓ Observing and following traffic rules and signs
✓ + α...
For MT car (additional category)
✓ Passing a hill-type road (up and down)
✓ Passing a railroad crossing
✓ Back-parking
✓ Gear shifting (smooth and timing)

Fee (AT or MT):   ¥15,000

(100 minutes of lesson)

"Free car service (送迎車) is provided from Minami Yono station to Indoor Course and vice versa"

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