Helpful Information

Application at the Driver's License Center

What are the requirements?


Please prepare and bring the following documents/items before applying:

  • Residence Card (Zairyu card)

  • Residence Certificate (Jyuminhyou) - from City Hall, a record of legal domicile.

  • Photo size of 3 cm x 2.4 cm: 3 pieces

  • Inkan (Personal Seal), if available

  • Driver's License, if applicable

  • Eyeglasses or contact lens, if applicable.

  • Driver's license, if applicable i.e. old, expired

  • Payment

Qualifications (Regular Motor Vehicle)

What are the qualifications?

  • 18 years old or older

  • The address of residence should match the location of the driver's license center.

  • Visual acuity of 0.7 or more for both eyes and 0.3 or more for each eye. If the eyesight of one eye is less than 0.3 or the eyesight of one eye is not visible, the visual field of the other eye must be 150 degrees left or right and the eyesight must be 0.7 or more.

  • Can recognize "Red", "Yellow" and "Green" (Blue) colors. 

  • To those who have received cancellations in the past (excluding initial cancellations) will be required to attend the cancellation courses within one year prior to the examination and to take the examination only after the disqualification period has passed.

Written Exam and Practical Exam Tips
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