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Handling of Personal Information

We are committed to protecting your personal information in compliance with the laws and regulations relating to personal information and other norms regarding the protection of personal information such as your name, date of birth and address. We will properly handle customer personal information within the scope of personal identification and various communications necessary for business, reports, inquiries, etc. We will not provide or disclose personal information to third parties without your proper consent, except in the following cases.


  • When disclosure is requested from a police agency or a public institution such as a court according to laws and regulations

  • When we use personal information among our affiliated companies in order to achieve the purpose of use specified to the customer.

  • When the person's consent can not be obtained and the customer's personal information is needed in an emergency concerning human life

If you want us to disclose your personal information, etc., we will respond promptly within a reasonable time if you contact us at the following telephone service number:




We will strictly control the personal information you provide based on our management standards, and take measures to prevent leakage, diversion or falsification.

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