How do I reserve the driving course at Samezu or Fuchu Driver's License Center for practice?

Updated: Dec 19, 2019


  1. Conversation will be in Japanese language, they usually don't entertain English, so prepare for basic Japanese language conversation.

  2. Practice driving at Samezu and Fuchu driver's license center can be done on "Saturdays" and "Public Holidays" only.

Contact us if you need advise or assistance on this.

  1. Call the reservation number at 03-6717-3086.

  2. Tell where you want to practice the driving, either at Samezu or Fuchu Driver's License Center's course.

  3. Tell your preferred date.

  4. Tell your preferred time slot. Either 1st (9:45~), 2nd (11:15~), 3rd (13:30~) or 4th (15:00~).

  5. Get ready to be asked by the following information

  • Your full name

  • Date of birth

  • Home Address

  • Type of practice drive e.g. Regular motor vehicle

  • Phone number

  1. After they got the information they need, they will disconnect the phone and call you back for confirmation.

  2. Once they called you back, they will explain you the following,

  • What you need to do.

  • How much you need to pay.

  • Time you have to be there.

  • What to bring on the day.

  • The do`s and don't's.

  • Etc.

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