Enrollment Process (For Beginner only)

Step 1:

  • Make an appointment.

    1. Call our reception at 03-6325-3311 or book online to make an appointment.​

    2. Our Office Hours 






Step 2: Visit our Office

Step 3: Take the FREE  assessment of 50 questions of True or False written examination

Step 4: Courses and Fees

Step 5: Enrollment 

  • Process:

    1. Decide on the "Course and Fee".​

    2. Make the payment.

    3. Prepare and submit the required documents.

    4. Fill-up the enrollment and agreement forms.

    5. Received copy of the enrollment form, agreement form, training ledger, and book.

    6. Make the schedule for classroom-based and/or practical training.

  • Required Documents:

    1. Residence Card​.

    2. Copy of receipt of payment (i.e. paid via bank transfer or PayPal).

    3. Two (2) photos of 3cm by 2.4 cm.

    4. Driver's License, if applicable, i.e. old, from your home country, etc.

Step 6: Payment Method

  • Cash Payment

  • Bank Transfer (Mitsubishi UFJ)

  • PayPal: emanonsolutions@gmail.com

  • Credit Card: Stripe or PayPal - Online

  • PayPay Mobile Payment

Step 7: Enrollment Application

  1. Fill-up the enrollment application form.

  2. Fill-up the agreement form.

  3. Receive the "Training Record" 

Step 8: Classroom-based and Practical Training

  • Discuss and agree on the schedule for classroom-based and/or practical driving.

Step 9: Classroom-based  (For Written exam preparation)

  • Usually being held at our Hasune Office

  • Others, we do hold the lesson outdoor i.e. in a coffee shop, family restaurant or at the driving course.

Step 10: Practice Driving (For Practical exam preparation)

  • At the indoor driving course at Saitama.

  • On the road i.e. general road.

  • At the driver's license center i.s. Samezu or Fuchu.

  • Wear comfortable clothes for driving practice.

  • NO sandals!

Sunday                      By Request

Monday                     By Request

Tuesday                    10:00 am ~ 05:00 pm

Wednesday               10:00 am ~ 05:00 pm

Thursday                   10:00 am ~ 05:00 pm

Friday                        10:00 am ~ 05:00 pm

Saturday                    10:00 am ~ 05:00 pm

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