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Stop being frustrated! Save your money and value your time!

In order to acquire a Japan driver’s license, one should fully understand the Japan Rules of the Road. Just knowing how to drive is not enough. One should know how to properly control the vehicle and acquire the skills of safe driving.


No money can buy you a driver's license but one should invest in learning and training for safe driving.

Don’t be disappointed again the next time you failed the exam because you did not perform safety confirmation, start it RIGHT!


Safe Driving, Saves Life!


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We are looking for "On-road" driving instructor - Join the team!

EDS is a registered driving school "Notified by Tokyo Public Safety Commission" →

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EDS is a registered driving school "Notified by Saitama Public Safety Commission" →

"We are serving students and clients from different part of the world."


To follow the Japan Rules of the Road, you need to fully know and understand what they are and their meaning. Thus, we explain in 99% plain English. We TRULY bridge the gap between international and domestic learning, so you understand well and express yourself freely.


Full English Language Support

We provide several payment options in addition to our main courses matching your skills, needs, and budget. You can assure that our prices offer great value for your money.


Flexible payment option

We can accommodate all different learning styles thus we offer different course plan options depending on each individual. You can opt to choose what you only need and add later if insufficient after the evaluation.


Various course plan

We know your other priorities and how busy you are. That is why we try our best to offer flexible schedules adapted to your availability to reduce stress on your daily activities.


Customized training plan

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For Classroom-based lesson...

Learn online from the comfort of your home via Skype.

Use your PC or Tablet or Smartphone (Collaborative)

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English / Japanese...
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Tuesday ~ Sunday 11:00 ~ 18:00
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¥ 42,500 + tax
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