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EDS International is a "Non-Designated" English driving school providing services such as on-demand video learning, classroom-based and on-line sessions for theory lesson; practice driving for practical examination, foreign license conversion, paper driver; and consultation - assistance related to acquiring Japanese driver's license.

We are mainly providing an "English language" lessons and support.

Please be informed of the following

  • All exams (written and practical) are to be taken at the driver's license center of your residence.

  • Depending on your learning adoption and skills, passing each of the examination may take one time, may be a few or more attempts.

  • For beginners or from scratch, we offer 2 courses plan (Challenger and Recommended) but we can help you customize your lesson based on your experience, budget, and needs. Thus, equivalent to installment mode.

  • Acquisition of a Japan driver's license may take as short as 2 months but as long as 3~9 months.

Enrollment Process

Empty Road

Start your Journey with us...

Driving School

Are you converting your foreign driver's license and would like to practice drive and understand the Japan Rules of the Road before your exam?

Female Driver

Do you have a valid driver's license but not confident to drive at Japan local roads and expressway? Or have you not been driving for a while and would like to improve your driving skills?

Our Services

EDS Welcome Kit.png

Welcome Kit

EDS International Driving School primer. Learn about our school, how to get driver's license in Japan, written and practical examination, license centers, and other information to prepare you with your journey acquiring Japan driver's license.

Note: This is only available to enrolled student. Please contact us if you don't have access.

Requirements to Prepare Upon Applying at the License Center
  • Residence Card.

  • Residence Certificate (Jyuminhyou) - from City Hall

  • Photo size of 3 cm x 2.4 cm: 2 pieces.

  • Inkan (Personal Seal), if available.

  • Driver's License, if applicable.

  • Eyeglasses or contact lens, if applicable.

  • Driver's license, if applicable i.e. old, expired

  • Payment.

Get more information about the requirements, qualifications, other fees and Kanto area DLCs/DMVs.

Read blogs and information related to acquiring a driver's license.

Find out where is our pick up point and indoor course location.

Choose from the list of payment method we have like bank transfer, credit card, online and digital payment.

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