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Let us answer some of your questions first...

EDS International is an English driving school "Notified by Tokyo and Saitama Public Safety Commission". We mainly provide "English and Japanese language" lessons and support, with some other languages.

Please be informed of the following

  • Ensure to book an appointment before visiting our Tokyo or Saitama office. You can even call us.

  • All exams (written and practical) are to be taken at the driver's license center.

  • For beginners, we offer 3 main courses (Standard, Recommended and Full Support) but we can help you customize your lesson based on your experience, budget, and needs. Thus, equivalent to installment mode.

  • Acquisition of Japan driver's license may take as short as 1 month but as long as 6 months.

Start your Journey with us...

Welcome to EDS International

We know how difficult and tough to get a Japan driver's license, that is why we are here to connect with people who are getting a hard time.


If you are looking for a"Foreigner-Friendly" driving school to support you acquiring your Japanese Driver's License, you are in the right place.


We are providing English and Japanese language support both for written and practical lessons.


We ensure to help you become a safe and competent driver, understanding the Rules of the Road in Japan.


Even if you are a beginner, planning to convert your home country driver's license or a paper driver, we can help you achieve your goal of passing each phase at your own phase - following your schedule availability.


Our part is to hone your driving skills and improve your knowledge based on Japan's traffic rules and regulations.


Yours is to put effort and time to broaden your understanding of the rules and mastering your driving skills through our offerings in the school.

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Standard Course

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Practice Driving


How to do safety checks before getting into your car?
Section 1: Pre-boarding check
  1. Start walking from the left side of the car.
  2. Head to the rear side and bend down to check for any obstacles under or behind the car.
  3. Proceed to the front side by passing on the left side (clockwise direction). Bend down to check for any obstacles under or in front of the car.
  4. Continue walking clockwise, and when you reach the front-right side of the car, check your left and right for any incoming cars.
  5. When it is safe, walk towards the driver's door.
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Special Update: Get our updated operating times and other important info.

Preventive Measure Reminder for COVID-19

Practice at Samezu & Fuchu course is Suspended until 4/4th as a preventive measure related to Covid-19 →

Points to remember during the Practical Exam...

What is a Crank? Do you know how to cross this road?

What People Say

"I had the best experience with EDS International Driving while trying to convert my license. They were always prompt at replying to emails, friendly, and their prices are affordable. During driving practice, I received so many tips that I hadn't learned before when I researched online for the practical test. I passed the practical on my very first try, all thanks to EDS. Definitely recommend!

"I passed the driving test in the first attempt after attending a 4-hour training session with EDS. They taught the important points for passing the test and efficiently provided guidance on various driving-related topics in a short time. I really appreciate their support. Thank you so much!

"I have been with this for a long time! Used to be with the instructor for practice driving. I started driving from 0 to he made me pro! The 一発 process is lengthy and difficult, but because of their good training technique, I was able to grasp good knowledge and acquired driving license! I recommend everyone regardless of their experience level, who want to get license here, go to this school and meet them! Thanks EDS!

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