Stay-in Program (Not available)
Note: This program is not currently available as a preventive measure for the spread of COVID-19.
Get your Japan Driver's License as short as possible
Duration: 14 Days Stay-in (Daily) Program
Fee: Equivalent to FULL SUPPORT Course Menu
Category: Intensive Training Course
Learner's Permit Duration: 7~8 days
  • Written Exam (50 items): Morning at the Driver's License Center
  • Practical Exam (Indoor): Afternoon at the Driver's License Center
On-Road Practice + Parking: 5 ~ 6 days
Practical Exam (Outdoor; Driver's License): Afternoon at Driver's the License Center
Issuance of Certificate (Completion)
Written Exam (95 items; Driver's License): Final Exam at the driver's license center of the residence
Complete the Mandatory Seminar: Search for a provider.
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Stay-in Program Sample

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