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How to go to Samezu Driver's License Center?

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

If you live in Tokyo and is planning to acquire Japan driver's license, Samezu Driver's License is one of the driving center s you can apply for in addition to Fuchu driver's license center in Central Tokyo.

Samezu driver's license center is located approximately 4 km from Shinagawa station.

  • Business Hours: 08:30 ~ 15:00 (close between 11:00 ~ 13:00)

  • Phone Number: 03-3474-1374

  • What is the closest station (recommended): Samezu (Keihin-Kyuko line)

  • By Train:

  • Keihin-Kyuko Line:Samezu Station

  • Tokyo Monorail:Oi-Keibajo Mae Station

  • Tokyo Rinkai Line:Shinagawa Seaside Station

  • By Bus

  • JR Shinagawa Station Toei Bus (For Oi-Keibajo Mae) “Samezu Unten-Menkyo Shikenjo Mae (Tokyo-Unyukyoku Mae)” Stop

  • JR Meguro Station Toei Bus (For Oi-Keibajo Mae) “Samezu Unten-Menkyo Shikenjo Mae (Tokyo-Unyukyoku mae)” Stop


First time visit to apply Japan driver's license? Follow the steps below to save time and arrive ahead of time:

Samezu driver's license center opens from 08:30 AM, since it's unpredictable when or when not is crowded, it is recommended to arrive earlier to process your application.

  1. From Shinagawa station, take Keihin-Kyuko line at platform no. 3 departing at 07:40 AM.

  2. Train arrives at Samezu station at 07:45 AM.

  3. Proceed to the exit gate and take the left route by foot to the center.

  4. Look for the signs heading to Samezu driver's license center.

  • Arriving time: 07:52 ~ 08:05 AM


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