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FAQ Section
  • Where is EDS International Office located?
    Our offices is located in Tokyo Japan. Sakashita, Itabashi-ku (2 minute walk from Hasune station via Mita line (subway)) Itabashi-ku address: 2F, Sakashita 2-33-19, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0043 Contact Number is +81-3-6325-3311
  • What is the Enrollment Process?
    Please refer to the following link below,
  • What should I bring when I join the school?
    Note: This is ONLY applicable for person enrolling for "Driving Lesson" from scratch or beginner. (Not applicable for Foreign License Conversion / Gaimen Kirikae) Please bring your: 1. Residence certificate (jyuminhyo) with information of your permanent residential address (if your nationality is not Japanese, please bring your resident card.). 2. If you have already have Japanese driving license (paper or expired license), please bring it instead of residence certificate. 3. Please bring your name stamp (Inkan / Hanko), if applicable. 4. Two (2) pcs of ID photos (Size: H3.0 cm x W2.4 cm). 5. Payment is made via bank transfer or Credit Card.
  • How long will it take to acquire Japanese Driver's License from scratch?
    Our school is a non-designated driving school. We provide lectures both for classroom-based and drive training to prepare our customer to pass both the "written exam" and "practical exam". Depending on once capability and quick in learning, it may take 1~3 months, for some it may take longer. Currently, due to pandemic, the average is within 3~6 months. Note: The practical exam is per reservation at the Driver's License Center. This may affect the time needed to acquire the driver's license, Summer time, for example, as this is the busiest season for people to acquire their license.
  • What are the phases or stages to acquire Japan driver's license from scratch?
    Please refer to the image below or follow this link -> The Process
  • What are the timings of the written and practical training lessons? How many lessons do I need to take? What are the charges per lesson?
    For you to be prepared passing the written examination and practical examination, the requirement hours to spend are, Written Exam : 16 ~ 26 hours of classroom -based Practical Exam : 25 ~ 31 hours of driving lesson But it may change, depending on individual's capability and quick in learning. This may be less or can be more than this. The price is 3,080 yen per lesson for classroom-based and 14,750 yen per session for driving practice (12,375~ yen for course's menu). However, this is just the basic scheme, we actually recommend our client to call use through Line Official, so we can explain clearly (free consultation) the process, and explain the possible cost.
  • By when should I pay the lesson fee?
    Please pay before you start the first lesson either in full amount (ask for installment method) based on our available scheme. Refer to Payment Method.
  • How much does it cost to take a regular vehicle license?
    Please refer to the "Course and Fees" page for the choices. These menus may may differ depending on your current driving skills and knowledge of Japan Rules of the Road.
  • Which license do you recommend to take, Automatic (AT) license or Manual (MT) license?"
    Automatic transmission (AT) license is easier to take. Changing Automatic licence into Manual license will not take much time but you need to practice drive to prepare you pass the practical exam.
  • How do I take a practical lesson?
    Once the training period has been scheduled, you and your instructor will discuss in person during the training session the best method. This may vary depending on your skills or pace of picking up the techniques and tips.
  • Where is the "Indoor" Driving Course located?"
    Our indoor driving course is located at Saitama. The closest station is "Minami Yono". We provide free service from Minami Yono station to indoor course, back and forth. For Google Map location, please follow this link -> Click Me.
  • Do I need to have a certain level of Japanese language skill?
    There are Furigana (Hiragana) indications on every Kanji for the questions of written exam. While you need the directional Japanese words such as migi (right), hidari (left), massugu (straight), and numbers (1~20), shingo (traffic light), tomare (stop), teisha (stop the car), etc.
  • I'm a foreigner and not good at Japanese. Do you have textbooks written in other languages?
    We have textbooks translated into English.
  • Is it possible to change the lesson course along the way?
    Basically, it is possible but for some courses it may not.
  • Is there any validity term of the lesson once I start the enrollment?
    Yes, depending on the course plan, either five (5) or nine (9) months, upon agreement, from your first lesson's start date, not the from the enrollment date.
  • Can I take a classroom-based lesson and driving practical lesson on a same day?
    Yes. Starting with either lesson would be fine. Usually class-room based lesson first followed by practical lesson.
  • I have a license from my own country. How can I transfer it to a Japanese one?
    You can transfer your license at the driving test center closest to where you live. Please note that there are exceptional countries whose licenses are not applicable to be transferred. To get more information, please refer to this helpful blog.
  • I have not driven a car since I got my Japanese driver's licence. Can I go for a road practice with an instructor?
    Yes. We have various courses to fulfill your needs. Please check the "Paper Driving" page.
  • How do I reserve a slot for driving practice? How do I pay for it? Where to meet on the day of the practice?
    Contact us to make a reservation. A. The minimum to reserve a training session for practice driving is 1 session. 1 session = 13,750 yen (tax included) ~ varies For Paper Driver, please refer here -> Practice Driving B. Payment method: Bank transfer or Paypal Preferred Bank is MUFJ or PayPal For other Bank Institutions, please follow this link -> Payment Method Payment should be made within 2 days (48 hours) after booking. Send a copy of the receipt upon payment. C. Place to meet: Usual place is @Minami Yono Free service from Minami Yono Station to Indoor course and back.
  • What are the requirements applying for driver's license at Driver's License Center (Only for New License Application)?
    Prepare and bring the following documents/items with you: Residence Certificate from City Hall where you live - one (1) copy. Residence Card. Other IDs such as My Number, Health Card, etc. Two (2) photos of 3 cm X 2.4 cm size. Personal Seal / Inkan (if you have). Application fee Passport (better to bring it with you). Training Ledger (教習原俸) from the Driving School, if you have.
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