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  • Driving Instructor (Indoor and On-Road)


  • “Work in your spare time.”

  • “Love interacting with different customers of different nations.”

  • “Patient and happy go lucky person.”

  • “Start as a part-time, then a full-time or be part of the business-owning your area.”

1. 1,500 yen or more per hour.
2. Plus transportation expenses.

1. Permanent Residence holder / Long-term / Japanese citizen.
2. High-School Graduate.
3. Holder of Ordinary Japanese driver’s license for 3 years or more.
4. Speak English and Japanese.
5. No qualification as an instructor is accepted (Training for a month is mandatory)


Working Hours:
1. Anytime between 8 AM to 10 PM.
2. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.
3. Working load depends on one’s availability.

Working Place / Location:
1. Tokyo area.
2. Saitama area.
3. Kanto area
4. Samezu, Fuchu, Makuhari, Konosu driver’s license center proximity

1. A month of training both at the indoor course and the on-road.
2. Free training acquiring your MT license (shoulder only rental course fee), within 2 weeks.


1. Be part of the business umbrella. 
2. Meet different people, from different nations of a different culture.
3. Make friends and network.
4. Be accomplished and satisfied by helping people to meet their goals.



To apply, please fill-up the form below including the following information in the message field.

City of Residence

Closest Train Station

Type of Visa

Year Japan driver's license Acquired

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